How to Choose Your Grad Flowers

Graduation time is that occasion where teens take the turning point to become adults. It’s a beautiful, memorable time where they want to look their best. Flowers help to enhance the look of their photos. They also make them feel special and can make them feel grown-up.

Typical Choices

There is a certain tradition in the world of graduation. Women will wear a corsage, and men will dress up with a boutonniere. These final touches make the couple look great together. Often, the man will choose the corsage for the female. This is so that she can match him usually. It’s also a nice surprise for the lady. Men should plan the flowers around what a lady wants and also what they’ve decided their color theme to be.

Tips for Selection

You should talk about things with your date if you have one. If you’re flying solo, you might want to choose your flower with your friends. You can go to a school colors theme for extra school spirit. Also, find out if the dance has a theme. If it’s a safari, then you might want to go with exotic flowers to look like you blend into the scenery.

Fan Favorites


A lot of people have a favorite flower. It could be a rose but also a tulip or anything else. You will want to make sure that you accommodate favorites as well. It can be a romantic gesture to find out the favorite bloom of your date. Most people will have a color preference too, so make sure that you consider that.

Carnations are usually the cheapest option, but be careful when choosing it. It’s a bloom that people might associate with frugality. You might want to splurge and go for a rose or a lily instead. Lilies are a sign of purity, so it’s a nice choice for a young person.

What Different Ones Mean

Certain picks will connotate varied emotions from the wearer. For example, a rose is an expensive choice. It shows that you care to invest at the moment. However, the color matters too. A red rose is for romance. A pink rose means friendship. A yellow or white rose is a symbol of fun and purity. A black rose, just like the black emoji, has darker meanings. It signifies that there is always a ying to a yang, or that bright time can be peppered with petals of darkness.

How Can I Choose the Right Arrangement?

There’s no hard and fast rule on how to choose. Try to get a unique flower-like a daisy or daffodil if you want to be adventurous. If nothing else, the flower will be a talking point. You want to remember your pictures, so make sure that you get that arrangement early. Sometimes pre-ordering a month in advance is what it takes to make sure that you will get exactly what you want on the special day.

How to Preserve Flowers in Wax

When a person gets flowers they are so pretty that they may want to keep them. There is now a way to save flowers. These flowers can be preserved in wax so they can be saved and cherished.

What is Needed

To preserve these flowers there are some basic supplies that are going to be needed. The flowers should be in bloom and they should be opened. Roses will work best. A person will need a microwave safe container. This container will be used to melt the wax. Soy wax flakes works best. A candy thermometer is needed to take the temperature of the wax. Waxed paper or empty vases are also going t be used to allow the flowers to set. The vases can also be used for display.

Preparing the Flower

To begin to preserve the flowers the stem should be cut down so they are able 8 to 10 inches in length. This will make the flower easy to hold and then stand out once it is preserved. It is easy to work with wax chips so that they can be melted down. The wax chips can be placed in a microwave-safe bowl and put in the microwave for around 2 minutes. They can be stirred and the wax should be smooth. If the wax is not melted it should be returned to the microwave until the texture is smooth. If the wax is not the correct consistency the flowers will not come out as smooth as they should. This may also lead to small clumps of wax build-up on them.


When the wax is melted the flower can be dipped into the wax. It is best to hold the flower by the stem and drip the head into the wax. The stem can later be cut off if desired. The flower can be set on waxed paper to cool. They can also be stood up in vase so they will hold their shape. Before putting the flowers in the wax it is important to take the temperature for best results. The wax should be around 100 degrees. This can be measured with a candy thermometer. If the wax is too cold it will have a cloudy appearance. The flowers should then be allowed to dry and they will harden.

Types of Waxes

There is no one specific wax that must be used for dipping the flowers. The wax should be clear and there should not be added color since it will overtake the beauty of the flowers that are being used. Soy wax flakes work well to drip the flowers in. The soy will melt easier and it is non-toxic. This will allow the flower to stay looking great.


Once the flowers are completely dry it will not look like they have been covered in wax. They will have their color and can be used for many decorative purposes. Now when a person receives flowers they do not have to let them wilt. The flowers can be preserved in wax and kept around the home.

4 popular indoor plants and ideal places to put them

Currently, the quality of the air we breathe is getting worse. It is no longer strange that as we walk the streets, we see more and people wearing air purification masks to protect their bodies from contamination. We have enough to breathe harmful air outside to breathe the same polluted air inside our home, so the perfect solution for this big problem is plants. Yes, plants, which besides being fundamental at the time of our survival, (since they are the ones that produce oxygen and purify it) are also a very appropriate and pleasant element to have, and give our home a little life .

Here, the 4 most popular interior floors and the best place to place them …


Scientifically called Hereda Helix, according to NASA, is the number one specimen and natural purifier. A climbing species with striking bright green leaves, with white or cream-colored edges. Its flower is pale yellow and has a pleasant fragrance, and its round fruit, of a very deep blue color (so much that sometimes it looks black) is completely inedible given its toxicity.

This plant that easily expands on the surface where it is placed likes moderate light, so it is advisable to place it in the kitchen or in the living room.


Recognized for having stems, roots and devoid of flowers and seeds. They are distinguished mainly by their large pine-shaped leaves. They like moisture, so it is advisable to have them in the kitchen or in the bathroom. A fact worth remembering is that fern leaves die in autumn, but are born again in spring; so do not be afraid when you no longer see the large leaves of your ferns because he is not dead, just wait for spring to return.


They are miniature or larger, round or elongated. These pointed plants that can have different shapes and sizes are often called desert plants, since it does not require water constantly to survive and loves sunlight, so it will probably be the easiest maintenance plant you can have. Due to the preference that this plant has for the solar star, it is advisable to place it at the foot of a window, either in the living room, the room, the kitchen or anywhere in your house, provided you have the greatest Access to natural light

Palm Rapis

Thin stem and lush fan-shaped leaves, no doubt, this type of plant demands attention. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to put it in the living room or in the hallway; It will undoubtedly fill the home with warmth and a feeling of calm that evokes the most paradisiacal and relaxing beaches. The Rapis palm should be in the shade, without direct sun exposure. He likes moisture, so if it’s too hot it should be sprayed with a little water without lime to keep it healthy.

Those 4 were the most popular plants to have inside the house and improve the quality of the air you breathe.You must have at least one of them.

Hansen Bay Camp Ground is Back!

It’s amazing how quickly the populus moves on with things. Whether it’s tragedy or a great story that you just love being in the moment of and enjoying how things unfold. You savour it and you yearn for it to never end. But in the back of your head, you know that it will end. And so you choose to live in the moment, enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

But then you also know that you will have to go back to the daily routine of your life. You will have to move on and focus on other things to keep progressing in life. Either that, or be the weight that pulls down other people with you and keep thinking about that one moment. But here’s the catch-22. If you choose the latter instead of the former, you pay the heavy opportunity price of creating more moments like those in your life. You just recap the previous moments and forget that you have your entire life in front of you.